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Cell On Wheels

What Are Cell on Wheels?

A cell on wheels (COW) is a mobile tower that can be deployed in areas where there is a need for improved cell phone coverage. COWs are typically used in situations where cell phone usage is high, but the existing infrastructure is not able to support the demand. This can be due to a variety of factors, including a natural disaster or an event that draws a large number of people to one area.


COWs are typically deployed by cell phone service providers in order to provide their customers with improved coverage. In some cases, COWs may be leased or rented to cell phone service providers by companies that specialize in providing mobile tower services.


COWs are typically equipped with base transceiver stations (BTSs) that provide cell phone coverage within a defined area. The size of the area that is covered by a COW depends on a variety of factors, including the number and type of BTSs that are installed on the COW.


One advantage of using COWs is that they can be quickly deployed in areas where cell phone coverage is needed. This makes them an ideal solution for cell phone service providers who need to improve their coverage in a specific area on a short-term basis.


Another advantage of COWs is that they can be easily relocated if the need for cell phone coverage changes. This flexibility makes COWs an attractive option for cell phone service providers who need to be able to quickly adjust their cell phone coverage.


For COW builds and rentals, as well as repair services, contact Telecom Site Solutions. Here at Telecom Site Solutions, we provide innovative and customized portable power and mobile tower solutions to all of the major carriers in the US and globally.


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